Verband der Studierenden an der ETH Zürich

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We, VSETH (Verband der Studierenden an der ETH Zürich), are the student union of ETH Zurich, with around 14’000 members. We represent the students’ interests at university and nationally. The board has at maximum 12 members and is elected by the member’s council, where people from the faculty associations have a voting right. You can find more info about the structure in the diagram on our website.

We have 17 commissions who offer services to the students or organise events like the Polymesse (job fair), film evenings or dancing lessons, to name a few examples. In addition to the faculty associations and the commissions there are more than 35 accredited organisations who complete the range of activities and interests.

VSETH is politically neutral but contributes to university political discussions, on a university and national level.

The board members usually work a year in the board and most of them continue their studies part-time, except the president who has to work full time. Our work consists of organising work groups, parties, discussing with ETH, contributing to the national student union VSS and representing our union and the students.

Find more information on the “Verband der Studierenden der ETH” of ETH Zürich here.