Studentenraad van de TU Delft

The Student Council of the TU Delft is is the legal partner of the Executive Board and represents the interests of students. The Delft Student Council consists of two parties: lijstbeta_tudelft_logoORAS and Lijst Bèta. ORAS takes part in the Central Student Council since 1972 and Lijst Bèta participated in the elections for the first time in 2011. They currently have 3 seats. ORAS has 7 seats this year.

It is important that students know who is representing them and how. ORAS stands for ‘Organisatie RAtionele Studenten’ (organisation of rational students). The term ‘rational’ is used to highlight ORAS’s method and approach to dealing with matters of student interest. The group’s focus is on problem-solving and discussion rather than resisting ideas that it objects to. ORAS thinks that students become the best engineer through high quality education, good facilities and much opportunities for personal development.

Lijst Bèta’s main priority is education. It is a university’s most important task, and therefore also that of the Student Council, to provide good and motivating education. During the election period in May 2011 Lijst Bèta has promoted itself as the party that puts studying and education first. This is because it is the only domain in which we can really accomplish an increase in educational quality as to root Delft University of Technology in the world top class.

Although the Student Council of the TU Delft has a more political structure with different parties, they work together on many subjects and act as one to the organisation of the TU Delft. For students there are two parties, but for employees there is only one Student Council.

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