Chalmers Studentkår


From welcome day until graduation day the Student Union will care for its members. We’ll stand behind them when it gets tough and make sure that there are always fun things to do on when there is time off.

On a daily basis the Student Division and the university are by all members side regarding your courses, future and wellbeing. After graduation we offer everyone to be a part of a worldwide network of alumni providing with contacts and friends for the rest of your life.

World class education and the best student life on the planet. We aim high but that’s also why we offer a gym hall, pool, sauna, study places, affordable lunches, course literature and our own convenience store – right on campus.

The idea is to use everyone’s time efficiently. The need to leave campus for basic everyday stuff is minimized, making sure members can hang out with their friends, being involved in activities and have fun during free time. Neither should one have to leave campus for a good, affordable lunch, coffee, “fika” or snacks. And meanwhile we do our best to ensure that our world class education is maintained and improved.

Find more information on the Studentkår of Chalmers University of Technology in Göteborg here.