AStA der RWTH Aachen University

The “Allgemeiner StudierendenausscAStA RWTH Logohuss” or short AStA is the executive committee of RWTH Aachen University’s student union. Elected by the student parliament for a term of one year, the AStA represents student interests before the university, city and state governments and the general public. As one of the biggest student unions in Germany, it is also able to offer a wide variety of services, including free legal advice and cheap public transportation, an annual music festival and a variety of cultural events. Since 2007 the AStA publishes the campus magazine “relatif”.

The AStA is composed of 3-10 departments, as determined by the student parliaments. Each department is lead by a commissioner and will have several students working in them. Commissioner usually serve for a single term but many will already have worked in the AStA before and will continue to after the end of their term.

The RWTH student union has been established by the state North Rhine-Westphalia and as such is a public body with compulsory membership of all students and the permission to collect mandatory fees of its members.

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