Position Papers

Post-pandemic universities

This position paper sheds light on students’ positions in reference to the changes in the teaching and students’ life of IDEA League universities that covid-19 has brought with it. Further-more, it highlights our vision as students of what our universities should look like in the future and what we will need to focus more on to get there.

IDEALiStiC – Post-pandemic universities


The participants of the IDEALiStiC Conference @Aachen-2019-1 worked out a position paper about sustainability.


“This position paper shines light on student positions in sustainability questions at IDEA League universities. It addresses the role of universities in general and the potential role of IDEA League in establishing a culture both within and among universities. Ultimately, IDEA League can really have an impact when working together on presented measures, profiting from their network and treading the path together towards becoming the beacon of change.”

IDEALiStiC – Sustainability

Eramus+ / European University Call

As an answer to the denial of the European University Call Proposal of IDEA League, the participants of the IDEALiStiC Conference @Aachen-2019-1 worked out a position paper about Erasmus+.

IDEALiStiC – Eramus+

IDEA League Universities 2030

In 2015 the IDEALiStiC was asked to come forward with ideas about Universities in the year 2030. In 2016 Visions of IDEALiStiC were published.

IDEA League Universities 2030 – Visions of IDEALiStiC

As an addition, IDEALiStiC thought about the topics and published the 2016-1 conference report.

Final Paper conference 2016-1


In 2011 the IDEALiStiC thought about an open courseware.

IDEALiSTIC-Paper OpenCourseWare