Older conferences

Beside the given conference there were more since 2009.

2015-1 Delft

The conference was held in Delft, from the 4th until the 7 th of June and was hosted and organised by the Student Council of TU Delft.

You find a summary here.

2014-2 Zürich

In October we held our second conference of the year in Zurich. We held Workshops, met with the IDEA-League and did a lot of socializing while having cheese fondue.

You find a summary here.

2014-1 Aachen

You can find the report of the conference in Aachen here.

2013-2 Delft

You can find the Brochure of the conference in Delft here.

The report is being recunstructed right now.

2013-1 Zürich

You can read the report of the conference in Zurich here.

More conference

And more conference between 2009 and 2013.

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