2016-1 Zürich

The conference participants
The conference participants

The first conference in 2016 at ETH Zürich continued the work on the vision for IDEA League Universities 2030. IDEALiStiC focused on the following topics in oder to draw a clear picture not only on how IDEA League will change but how a Technical University will change:

  • Fellow Feeling
  • Facilities of Future Universities
  • IDEA League Promotion
  • Integrating Politecnico di Milano
  • University Rankings
  • Teaching Soft Skills
  • Student Percentage Admission

At the conference end, we wrote two papers. On one hand there is the conference paper dealing with the workshop outcome and the fact that our position paper IDEA League Universities 2030 needs to be more precise. On the other hand we came up with a paper about what IDEALiStiC is and how it works: How to IDEALiStiC.