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IDEA League student representatives meet to talk about ‘Student Participation’

The IDEALiStiC Conference, which will take place from the May 31 until June 4, 2018 in Zürich, covers the topic of ‘Student Participation’ during eight interactive workshops. Each member union of the IDEALiStiC can send a delegation of 6 students to discuss the main questions of the conference concerning: the visibility of the Student Councils, the integration into the university, the political orientation of the student associations, and the democratic structures in the student associations. In addition to the workshops there will be input presentations about current projects of all the unions, inspiring talks and an exciting social programme.

“We are looking forward to welcoming our guests from the four other IDEA League universities. Additionally, we are excited about having inspiring talks and discussions“, as Medea Fux, member of VSETH and the conference organisation committee, commented the invitation.

Press Release: IDEALiStiC Conference at ETH Zürich

IDEALiStiC elected secretary general and public relations manager

The IDEALiStiC eleceted it’s first secretary general Johannes Mehler (AStA der RWTH Aachen) and it’s first public relations manager Neil Montague (VSETH) at the 2017-1 conference in Milano.

The Tasks of secratary general are to coordinate all the activities of the council as well as being the main contact person. Giving us this new structure we aim for greater influence and to build permament contact points. The public relations manager will coordinate amongst other things the presence on social media, public communication, and communication with external organisations.

IDEALiStiC meets IDEA League in Gothenburg

IDEALiStiC meets IDEA League in Gothenburg
IDEALiStiC meets IDEA League in Gothenburg

On June 20 und June 21, 2016 IDEALiStiC met IDEA League to talk about the future of universities. In a short meeting IDEALiStiC presented their ideas, e.g. online classes and implementing soft skills.

To promote IDEA League we came up with the idea of placing a road sign on each IDEA League university campus, which will point in the direction of the other IDEA League universities and include the distances to them.

Working on the future

At the IDEA League joint board meeting in Zurich 2015 the IDEALiStiC was asked to create a vision for IDEA League Universities 2030. To fulfil this task the IDEALiStiC conference in December 2015 in Aachen discussed the topic of future universities.
We are proud to present our thoughts in a paper containing five major aspects, we think are important in the future.
Find the paper here.