2019-2 Gothenburg

The IDEALiStiC Conference in Gothenburg took place from November 21st to 24th, 2019. The overall topic was Internationalisation. The following workshop topics were covered:

  • Integration of international students:
    Group 1
    Group 2
    Group 3
  • Selection processes and criteria for admission of foreign students
  • Diversity
  • Housing situation
  • The next conference will be held in Milano from May 21st to 24th.
  • IDEALiStiC decided to publish a position paper about ”Diversity”.
  • IDEALiStiC decided to publish a position paper about ”Housing”
  • Marco Guerini (PoliMi) and Bibiana Prinoth (ETH Zürich) were elected Co-Secretary Generals.
  • Nima Salami (TU Delft) was elected PR Manager.

The following working groups have been installed:

  • Housing:
    – Lead: Dennis Norman (Chalmers)
    – Members: Petter Häggberg (Chalmers), Hielke Piera (TU Delft), Andreas Farner (ETHZ), Matteo Oggioni (PoliMi), Marc Gschlössl (RWTH Aachen)
  • Diversity:
    – Lead: Charlotte Boersma (TU Delft)
    – Members: Giorgio Travaglini (PoliMi), Emilia Sandolf (Chalmers), Alexander Schütt (RWTH Aachen), Corentin Pfister (ETHZ)