2019-1 Aachen

During the IDEALiStiC Conference from May 30 to June 2, 2019 in Aachen, student unions from TU Delft, RWTH Aachen, Politecnico di Milano and ETH Zurich talked about “IDEALiStiC’s role in Europe”. We had three interactive workshops including pitches and discussions about different interesting topics.

During the conference the following workshops took place

  • IDEALiStiC Framework: Within the last few conferences, the question was raised what we want to achieve as IDEALiStiC. The participants discussed this question during the workshop coming up with solutions, ideas and goals for the upcoming years.
  • Sustainability: The topic is currently very important within Europe and therefore also within our Universities. The participants figured out problems, ideas for improvement and started to write a position paper.
  • Erasmus+: With the denial of ETH Zurich in the European University Call of Macron due to not being part of Erasmus+ (and the EU), the participants started to write an answer and position to the topic.

During the general assembly the following decisions have been made:

  • The next conference will be held in Göteburg.. The conference in spring 2021 will be held in Milano (Politecnico di Milano). In fall 2021, it would be Zurich’s turn again.
  • IDEALiStiC decided to publish a position paper about “Sustainability”.
  • IDEALiStiC decided to publish an answer to the denial of ETH Zurich within the proposed call of IDEA League in the European University.
  • No elections for SG and PR manager were required. 
  • The following project managers have been elected: 

    – Marco Guerini (PoliMi): Documentation
    – Tecla Trifilò (PoliMi): Representatives of IDEALiStiC
    – Andreas Farner (ETH Zurich): Position paper for Sustainability
    – Sarah Buckland (RWTH Aachen); Position paper for European University Call