About IDEALiStiC

IDEALiStiC - Students of the IDEALeague
IDEA League Student Council Symbol with all IDEALiStiC members

IDEALiStiC, the IDEA League Student Council, was established in June 2005, and brings the student councils of the individual IDEA League partners together. The council represents students at the IDEA League partner universities, promotes awareness and understanding of the IDEA League among students by starting new initiatives, provides support and advice to the IDEA League in matters of educational policy and student welfare, and attempts to improve policies on educational issues and student representation by exchanging best practices.

IDEALiStiC holds two conferences a year, during which new initiatives are brainstormed. The ideas decided upon are translated into reality through the rest of the year.

More about the Ideas behind the IDEALiStiC can be found in the How To IDEALiStiC.